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Transportation of South Korean equipment

24 June
Transportation of South Korean equipment

June 14 this year from the river port of Atyrau, the first convoy with equipment moved towards Karabatan as part of one propane tank, two propane dehydrogenation reactors and four accessories for reactors (cacti) produced in South Korea. For transportation of a propane tank, whose weight is about 533 tons, a Self Propelled Modular Transporter SPMT was used. Tractor trucks with trolleys were used to transport reactors, each weighing about 165 tons. And for transporting cacti weighing about 17 tons each, platforms were used.
         The first day of transportation began at 05:00 in the morning through the streets of Kozhakayev, Azattyk, Syrym Datov, Elevatornaya, Kabdolova, Atyrau-Dossor highway (A27). In the evening, the convoy went to the Atyrau-Dossor highway, where there was a stop until the next day.

         Along the way, the Atyrau Zharyk team disconnected, raised or cut off air lines. Heat supply pipes and hot water supply pipes, arches with video cameras, traffic lights, lighting columns were dismantled in advance, roads in some places and railway lines were strengthened.

         The next day, June 15, the convoy continued to move along the highway from 05:00 in the morning. The convoy passed two bypass roads of bridges (the Sokolok and Aktobe rivers). On the third roundabout, the convoy stopped until the next day.

         On June 16, the convoy continued driving along the Atyrau-Dossor highway through the “Relay Zholdas”, “Sicim”, “GATE” production bases and stopped on the bypass road of the bridge before turning to the SEZ NIPT. Along the route, high-voltage lines (HV) were disconnected and raised.

         On June 17, from 03:00, work began on shutting down the HV line on a direct road to the SEZ NIPT. The “KUS” company agreed to disconnect the line from 03:00 to 06:00 in the morning, so the convoy had to go through the lines in that period of time. Exactly at 06:00 the convoy passed the latter into the HV lines and unhindered went to the territory of the construction site. The equipment arrived at the gates of the territory of the SEZ at 07:20 for further unloading and installation at the construction site.

         The first transportation of oversized process equipment was successful, without any violations and incidents, thanks to the coordinated work of “KPI”, “Sarens”, “Atyrau Zharyk”, “KEGOC” and other transportation participants. Escort was provided by a police and ambulance personnel. From “Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Inc.” LLP, the equipment was accompanied by Engineering Managing Director Damir Ashimov, specialists Zhassulan Nurgaliyev and Batyr Naukenov (Procurement and Logistics Department), Alibek Abishev (Maintenance Department), Darkhan Keikin (HSSE Department), Ahan Sundetov (Security Service). In the subsequent stages of transportation, the composition of the attendants may change. So, in the second stage there was a replacement. The Main Power Engineer Vladislav Tkachenko and the Security specialist Renat Tagarov joined in.

         In four stages along this route, the remaining cargo will be transported. On June 21, a propane tank and two reactors set off. On June 28, it is planned to begin transporting a propane tank, two reactors, and accessories for reactors. The fourth convoy will hit the road on July 5 with a propane tank, two reactors and their accessories. The final fifth stage is scheduled for July 12, three tanks and two heat exchangers will be transported.