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The main construction of a petrochemical complex in Atyrau has been completed

30 December
The main construction of a petrochemical complex in Atyrau has been completed
The main construction of a petrochemical complex in Atyrau has been completed
At the petrochemical complex of “Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries Inc.” LLP (KPI) in the Atyrau region, the main construction of a plant has been completed, which will produce more than 65 different grades of polypropylene.

On December 27, the new plant received the first batch of propane from the Tengiz field. In November, the enterprise received nitrogen and dry compressed air. In the summer, the company took electricity to the main substation, and later also the primary demi, demineralized and process water from “Karabatan Utility Solution” LLP. Thus, the plant is completing the acceptance of all energy resources required for commissioning and the subsequent start-up of production.

Due to the implementation of the project, JSC NC “KazMunayGas” is mastering a new direction in its activities - deeper processing of hydrocarbons. Thus, a new industry is generating in Kazakhstan - petrochemical industry, which has a high economic and social effect for the country and the Atyrau region, in particular. So, every dollar in this industry brings an additional 2-3 dollars of growth in the economy and helps to create seven new workplaces in related industries. At the stage of operation, about 500 workplaces will be created at the enterprise itself.

During the construction, 29 thousand tons of steel structures were installed, more than 165 thousand cubic meters of concrete were poured, 2.5 thousand kilometers of cables and 261 kilometers of process pipelines were laid. The general contractor is the Chinese company CNCEC, and more than 40 Kazakhstani companies took part in the construction and installation work.

“Despite the fact that during the active phase of construction, a coronavirus pandemic began, quarantine restrictions were introduced, borders were closed, and manufacturing plants stopped, construction did not stop. By the virtue of the use of non-standard solutions, as well as the support of the Government and the management of the “Samruk-Kazyna” Fund, it was possible to maintain the pace of work without going beyond the budget”, - says the First Deputy Chairman of the Board of “KPI Inc.” LLP. Damir Ashimov.

The raw material - propane - is delivered to the site of the complex by rail in rail tank cars. The equipment for hermetic discharge of the American company EMCO WHEATON was installed on the rack, and the compressors of the Italian manufacturer SIAD will pump it. On average, 72 wagons with a total volume of 2,300 tons are unloaded per day.

“At the railway overpass, operators will receive raw materials that are pumped to a storage park equipped with a gas hazard detection system. Next, propane will be fed to a dehydrogenation unit to produce propylene. And the polymerization unit will produce the final product - polypropylene,” - says the Chief Engineer of the enterprise Denis Kozyrev.

The capacity of the complex is 500 thousand tons of polypropylene per year, which is the basic raw material in machine-building industry, medicine and electrical engineering, is used for the production of packaging materials, containers, fibers, pipes and fittings for hot water supply, office equipment and domestic electronic equipment, consumer goods, garden and office furniture.

The tank farm consists of four storage tanks manufactured in South Korea. Each 42-meter tank holds 2,500 cubic meters of propane.
Large world-renowned leading companies such as Siemens, MAN, SGS, Air Liquide, Mitsubishi and others were involved in the implementation of the project. To set up high-tech equipment and train operators to work with it, engineering supervisors of manufacturing plants came to Atyrau.

The KPI project uses modern technologies - this will allow the enterprise to become fully digital. Warehouse operations, such as packaging of products, warehousing and loading into road and rail transport, will be carried out by special robotics without people participation. Specialized IT solutions and corporate accounting systems will allow to keep high-precision records of all data from planning operations to selling finished products to the end consumer.

The enterprise notes that the production fully complies with all environmental requirements. The raw material is propane, already purified from harmful impurities, which is converted along the production chain into propylene, and then into polypropylene. During these processes, the formation of hazardous harmful substances such as hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and aromatic hydrocarbons is excluded.

The complex is also environmentally friendly in terms of water consumption - it has a closed cycle of recycling water supply for technological processes. Due to the integration with the complex of sewage treatment plant of “Karabatan Utility Solutions” LLP, the task of reducing water consumption is being solved in favour of the almost complete utilization of wastewater and its reuse.

Another important point is the strategic partnership for the implementation of the project with the large petrochemical company SIBUR. The partner’s experience and competence will open new markets of Kazakhstani products for KazMunayGas.