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Oversized cargo transportation from South Korea

16 June
Oversized cargo transportation from South Korea
Earlier, on April 14, an ocean-going vessel with oversized equipment for the IPCI arrived from South Korea to the port of Constanta (Romania), which was loaded and mounted on six barges. These are propane dehydrogenation reactors, propane storage tanks, columns, heat exchangers. The maximum cargo height is about 12.5 m, and the total total weight of the equipment is about 4 thousand tons.
The first barge leaved on April 16 along the route: Black Sea (Constanta) - Volga-Don Canal - Caspian Sea - Ural-Caspian Canal - Atyrau River Port. Arrived at the river port of Atyrau on May 22. On June 8, the last sixth barge arrived at the river port and was unloaded. Transportation was carried out by National Maritime Shipping Company “KazMorTransFlot” LLP.
For the successful passage of goods in the waters of the Ural-Caspian Canal, dredging was carried out. Dredging carried out on the canal had a positive multiplier effect on the ecology and economy of the region: long-term bottom sediments on the canal were cleared, commercial shipping was restored, and the population of valuable fish species increased.
The “Sarens” company was engaged in unloading from barges and was responsible for the delivery by land transport of critical process equipment to the Karabatan construction site. Customs clearance of the entire cargo. Equipment arriving on the first barge is loaded onto a modular conveyor and transport platforms. The transportation of equipment is planned in five stages, that is, during the month, from June 14, weekly on Sundays, the cargo will be transported through the city of Atyrau, and already further along the familiar route along the Dossor highway to Karabatan. The carrier “Sarens” obtained approval from the Akimat of the city of Atyrau and worked out issues with all authorities on the safe and unhindered transportation of goods around the city.
As soon as the oversized cargo is delivered to the construction site, its installation will begin.